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August 21 2017 2 21 /08 /August /2017 11:55

After taking a few years of from training-is there any good ideas for a program to get started back on? Needing something that will only take about 45-60 minutes, three or four days a week. When you're extremely busy, getting a quick workout in can be challenging. Whether your a full time student at night, work during the day or raise a family, below are tips to make the most of your gym time.

Getting back into ship despite your limited time to train is very possible. Many trainers have


worked with clients who put in as many as 80 hours a week in various aspects of the entertainment industry. The ones who were committed to staying in shape or getting in better shape always succeeded. 

Start by evenly dividing your workouts into weights and cardio. If you have an hour to train, keep a close eye on the clock and be finished with your weight training in the first 30 minutes so you have time to get the cardio you need. Approach your weight training sessions in a circuit training style. Moving from exercise to exercise with little rest in between. Not only is this very time efficient, but your heart rate will be elevated throughout, providing more of a cardiovascular benefit and burning more calories. 

Various ways to structure the weight training. Simply do your whole body every time, if you were training on alternate days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or, if you were doing four days a week, you could work upper body one day and lower body the next. Many people use mostly machines when they train this way, but you don't have too. Dumbbells are probably a little more convenient than barbells, though, because you don't have to load plates on the bar. Do not worry too much about going heavy, but try to use enough weight to challenge yourself. 


Adding pre workout supplements and workout supplements like legal steroids will help with strength gains and recovery. All while adding bulk and muscle mass. 

As for your cardio, take a few minutes to warm up and then really put out some effort, making sure to get your heart rate up into the target range (220 minus your age is maximum heart rate, and try to work at 70% of that). Keep it at that level until it is time to cool down for a few minutes at the end of your workout. Also, make sure you are eating at least five meals a day, each containing protein. Avoid junk and excess carbs. Drink plenty of water and with the legal steroid supplements, you'll be looking toned, trim and healthy very soon.

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August 20 2017 1 20 /08 /August /2017 07:50

Feed your body to build your body! Should bodybuilders eat every two or three hours? That's enough for some people because having a small appetite. Also, arms are lagging behind-should they be trained on their own day? Are legal steroids safe and how implement into my daily routine?


If planning on being a successful bodybuilder-eating every two to three hours is a must. Your amino acids pool should always be ready for your muscles to get the proper recovery and rebuild. Remember that muscle growth starts when you are resting and feeding. So make sure you are doing both. Because not having a good appetite is a sign of over training. Training arms on a separate day is a good idea. But remember that more is not better.


Adding legal steroid supplements will help with muscle gains and strength. Many also help with muscle recovery. Legal alternatives to steroids and pre workout supplements help your body get into an anabolic state. Because they are legal steroids, they do not harm your body and organs like illegal steroids. You can buy legal steroids online and many companies ship right to your front door discretely and fast. Do your research though. If based in the United States, make sure to purchase from a company based in then USA. Many companies that sell out side the USA adhere to different and lesser standards and you may receive workout supplements that do not work as well or effectively than US based products.



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August 19 2017 7 19 /08 /August /2017 13:06

Muscle Labs USA has raised the bar in legal steroids post cycle therapy with the introduction of their PCT. This one of a kind product will revitalize testosterone levels. Leading to increased strength, energy and sex drive! 

  • PCT-RX blocks esterogen
  • Elevates testosterone levels
  • Revitalize energy levels and sex drive

Muscle Labs USA PCT-RX is the most advanced post cycle therapy (PCT) ever introduced. Combining essential pieces to the PCT puzzle. Muscle Labs USA has raised the bar in legal steroids post cycle therapy with the introduction of PCT-RX. This on of a kind product will revitalize testosterone levels, leading to increased energy, sex drive and strength.


PCT-RX, designed to get your body's testes make free and total testosterone again. Also containing anti-estrogen that acts like an extreme blocker of estrogen. In lay mans terms, your body cannot produce excess estrogen while on PCT-RX. PCT-RX will also lower your existing estrogen levels. Having an anabolic effect on protein sparing and synthesis-helps you maintain your weight more effectively-even while off cycle.  

PCT-RX, a newly formulated post cycle. Engineered and designed to assist in sustaining muscle mass and minimize adverse reactions from pro-anabolic cycles. Blocking estrogen, rejuvenating organs and regulating normal testosterone levels. Hormones are completely out of balance during and after any pro-hormone cycle. In many cases your body is no longer producing normal levels of its own natural testosterone.This potentially leads to losses in lean muscle mass and a marked decrease in sex drive. PCT-RX is one of the most potent PCT to hit the market in a while.

Too common a theme when many bodybuilders run a highly successful pro-hormone cycle, only to come off and have low testosterone levels that result in a loss of your hard earned gains. While a sex drive that's in the toilet to boot! This testosterone and sex drive restoration aid is one of the worlds most strongest on the market.  Immediately upon use, estrogen is lowered and testosterone production is kicked in high gear, enhancing your mood and restarting your libido!


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August 17 2017 5 17 /08 /August /2017 09:04

TESTOSTERONE MAKES OLD GUYS HORNY: Testosterone supplements increase sex drive in aging men. According to a study from Baylor College of Medicine. The researchers studied nearly 500 men age 65 and older. They agreed to use testosterone supplements daily and have sex at least two days per week. Men using testosterone boosting supplements showed increased sexual desire, more nighttime erections, greater frequency of intercourse and masturbation. As well as improved erection quality. Testosterone supplements give aging Romeos a sexual second wind.

CONTROVERSY OVER TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS: Artificial testosterone was synthesized in 1934 and clinical trials began in 1937. A 1941 study by Charles Kachakian showed that testosterone could increase exercise performance and muscularity. This spurred interest in using it in sport and as an anti-aging drug in older adults. Paul de Kruif's book, The Male Hormone, first popularized testosterone as an anabolic supplement in sports. The hype surrounding nearly five decades of testosterone used by athletes is finally taking a backseat to legitimate medical uses of the hormone. Low testosterone levels are linked to decreased muscle mass, poor sex drive, blood vessel control instability. Also, decreased bone density, depression,


fatigue and erectile dysfunction.  Middle age men taking testosterone has increased in the last decade. Several studies found increased risk of heart attack and stroke in men taking testosterone supplements. Other studies show testosterone supplements decreased total fat, blood sugar and insulin resistance. Increases in lean muscle mass have been reported too. A series of letters to the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that we must determine the effects of testosterone supplements on heart attack and stroke death to asses the risks and benefits of testosterone.

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August 15 2017 3 15 /08 /August /2017 04:35

CAFFEINE SLOWS FATIGUE DURING HIGH-POWER TRAINING: Caffeine (6 mg per kilogram of body weight) increased power output by 5.3 percent compared to fake caffeine in team handball players. During sets of 30 seconds of repeated vertical jumps with 60 seconds of rest between sets, according to Brazilian scientist. Team handball is an Olympic sport that is a cross between soccer and basketball. Even with increased power output, training with caffeine did not produce more muscle damage. This measured by blood levels of creatine kinase. Athletes should take caffeine or a pre-workout supplement before training sessions to increase the quality of workouts. Consuming caffeine supplements 30 to 60 minutes before training will increase power output during sessions without causing tissue injury.

Best Pre Workout Supplements

PROTEIN PLUS CARB SUPPLEMENT DURING INTENSE TRAINING INCREASE MUSCLE MASS: Supplementing proteins and carbohydrates immediately after intense cycling increased muscle cross sectional area (measured by muscle biopsy) but had no effect on performance during a 30-kilometer cycling time trail. A sophisticated study from James Madison University in Virginia examined the effects of supplemental protein plus carbohydrates versus carbohydrates during normal, intense and reduced intensity cycle training on skeletal muscle and performance in a cycling time trial. Using only seven subjects and training blocks only lasted 10 days. Finding measureable changes in muscle structure during a short training cycle, so supplementing protein during intense training might enhance performance during longer cycles.

CAFFEINE BOOST MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: Caffeine-found in coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks, chocolate and supplements for weight loss-is a favorite stimulant of physically active people. Stimulating the central nervous system by blocking adenosine receptors and enhances the effect of adrenaline. Caffeine may improve endurance, muscle strength and endurance and sprint speed. A study concluded that moderate levels of caffeine (less than 400 mg) increases alertness, reaction time, attention and focus. Caffeine protects the nerve cells, so it has long term benefits on memory. 

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August 11 2017 6 11 /08 /August /2017 12:22

There are some exercises and programming that will just magically light up the metabolism. It is what everyone wants so they can eat more and get that holy grail of fitness. These five workouts will pay you back huge dividends if you bring your A-game. These workouts are basic, but not for the weak. Mixing power lifting, bodybuilding, some Cross fit and general physical preparation.

  • DAY 1: Row: for time ---Squat: 135 for 15 reps---                                                 Complete 10 sets 100 ab wheels to finish...Starting this workout out with the row will increase your heart rate quickly and since getting ripped is the name of the game with these workouts, that's what we want. After rowing, your upper body will be super tapped, so it's time to hit the lower body with a heavy squat. For the Ab-wheel-it is the foundation for getting six-pack abs fast. These workouts calling for 50 or 100 reps, you're going to get tested real quick. Keep your form strong as you absolutely have to be on your game for this movement, no matter how tired you feel.

  • DAY 2: Walking lunges with medicine ball overhead 400-800 meters or 15-30 minutes straight---10 X 10 stiff leg deadlift after at 50 percent max weight---Stiff legged deadlift-stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grasp a barbell and let it hang in front of your body. Keeping your knees straight, slowly bend forward at the waist and lower the barbell until you feel an intense stretch in your hamstrings. Then, reverse direction, contracting your glutes as you rise upward to the starting position. Walking Lunges-step forward with your left leg and try to touch the ground with your right knee. Make sure to keep your left knee behind the ankle. Then repeat with the other leg. Use somewhere between a 20-pound and 30-pound medicine ball.
  • DAY 3: Sled drags backwards: 800 meters---Bodyweight circuit:Max pull-ups wide, Max dips, Max pushups---2 minutes rest-complete 5 sets...This raw bodyweight circuit is meant to get you strong and ripped putting you in an anabolic state-it is not for the weak. Doing pull-ups, dips and push-ups nonstop.
  • DAY 4:  Jump Rope Shredz---10 seconds speed rope/10 seconds rest/10 minutes in duration---Bench press: 12 reps heavy---1 rope climb up:12-15 feet---1 minute rest---Complete 6-8 sets 
  • DAY 5: Straight Conditioning: Jump rope: 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off for 10 minutes---Sled drags: 400 meters---Walking lunges: 400 meters---Perform 2 sets---50 ab wheels                                                                                                                  
    Legal steroids to help burn fat and boost metabolism
    You burn fat the most in the first six seconds of an exertion, which is why the workout starts with HIIT style jump roping. The 15 second rest is barely enough to catch your breath, meaning you'll be sweating like crazy.
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August 10 2017 5 10 /08 /August /2017 08:42

Whey protein, weight training and adding supplements for weight loss reduces abdominal fat! Whey protein was superior to carbohydrate or carbohydrate plus whey protein as a post exercise supplement for decreasing abdominal fat.

According to researchers from Finland, active men with no weight training experience. Training  with weights two to three times per week, and took one of the three supplements after each workout. While the study was interesting, it is of little practical value to serious weight trainers.

Protein intake was approximately the same in all groups, even though some subjects were taking protein supplements. Also, the subjects had no weight training experience. It takes the beginners months or even years to learn to train intensely. The initial phases of weight training mainly involve the motor learning, and don't typically overload the muscles very much.

Adding supplements for weight loss, the subjects also lost fat in the abdominal area. These supplements work like an anabolic steroid, expect they are legal steroids and help lose weight and for cutting muscles.


Supplements for weight loss are for you if:
1) You want to SEE ABS IN 30 DAYS OR LESS!
2) You want to see an INSTANT improvement in your workout intensity.
3) You want to recover faster which allow you to train harder and more often.
4) You want to improve your physique in 30 days or less by building muscle and burning fat.
5) You want to see veins, muscle cuts and abs fast

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August 6 2017 1 06 /08 /August /2017 05:24

Oxymetholone,  Anadrol,  Anadroll,  A-drol,  Anadrolic, or Androdrol- which ever name you know this product by - is one of the most powerful legal steroid/steroid alternative on the market.

Oxymetholone is the most potent, legal bodybuilding prohormone and testosterone booster available to bodybuilder, weight lifters, athletes or any one looking to build muscle and gain strength. While getting massive pumps and intense focus while lifting weights. 

Testosterone builds muscle and burns fat. If you want Gains of 5-10 lbs of high quality muscle in 30 Days or less, along with drastic fat loss, than Muscle Labs USA Anadroll is a good choice for you. Muscle Labs Anadroll is a muscle building supplement that uses testosterone to promote it's anabolic activity. If you want Dense-Rock Hard Muscular improvement, fast gains in strength and high quality fat loss, than Anadroll is a great choice. Weight Gains are very mild, but muscle density and strength increases will be noticeable pretty quick ! 

Use: Primarily Muscle Labs Anadroll use is to improve Mass & Strength Fast. Anadroll is intended for professional bodybuilders or athletes seeking dramatic gains in strength, a slight increase in body weight, and an improvement in lean muscle development and enhanced recovery. 


Gain Muscle! Get Intense Pumps!

Benefits of using legal steroids like Anadroll-
1) Gain 10-12 lbs in 30 Days. (see regimens)
2) Develop moderate strength gains and see abs in 30 or less.
3) Improve your bench press and squat within 1 week.
4) See an INSTANT improvement in your workout intensity.
5) Recover faster so you are not sore for prolonged periods of time.
                                                                                6) Completely transform your physique in 30                                                                                   days or less.
                                                                                7) Experience crazy muscle pumps.
                                                                                8) Increase your testosterone levels. 

*NO PCT or Liverguard is Needed. 

This is the ultimate testosterone booster

Rapidly increases serum testosterone to mega-levels. Users report increased aggression, ridiculous muscle pumps, rapid strength gains, increase in libido, more frequent, harder erections, greater stamina, and an overall improvement in muscle mass. 

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August 3 2017 5 03 /08 /August /2017 07:01

Question: How important is tracking your caloric intake when it comes to making progress towards you weight gainer goals? Eating healthy and working out hard, but finding the progress the past two years is not where it should be.

Answer: Using running a business as a non-fitness example. When you run a business, your success or lack thereof will be found in the details. That is where the term "the devil is in the detail" comes from-meaning that your success or failure will depend on the components of the endeavor before you. When running a business, you are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. Sometimes cutting costs by only 5 percent, while it may not seem like much, can allow you to invest in another area that may produce growth. Well, your efforts in the gym are no different. Day after day, we grind out brutal workouts in hopes of building the body of our dreams. If you are not tracking your nutritional intake, how can you know if you are under-eating, overeating, consuming too much protein, too little fat,using muscle building supplements etc.?

Best Weight Gainer Supplements

A few years ago before taking the time to get educated, following typical bro science myths passed on from other big guys at the gym. Consuming way too much protein and had zero understanding of necessary fat and carb intake. Once learning to track macros, found consuming nearly 400 grams of protein, yet less than 70 grams of fat. Reducing protein intake to one gram per pound of body weight and more than double fat intake. Almost immediately, noticing a significant decrease stomach bloating and say both performance in the gym and overall libido for life increase significantly.

Fat maybe the most important of all macronutrients. If you consume too little fat, you can kiss your sex drive goodbye, experience decreased stamina during workouts, delayed recovery and you may have sore joints-the list goes on and on.

If your goal is to gain 15 pounds of muscle of the next 12 months, then you must know your current BMR and caloric output during workouts. While ensuring you are eating to surplus each day in order to stay on track to achieve your weight gainer goals. Not doing this would be like trying to find a destination you have never seen without directions, a map or GPS. You can eat frivolously and hope for the best, but you can also drive a car with your feet-it doesn't mean it is a good idea.

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August 1 2017 3 01 /08 /August /2017 08:37

No matter what your efforts, are you having trouble getting your arms to grow? Read further for tips that are different than the same dribble everyone else is doing.

One must understand that the arm is comprised in size by two-third of the triceps. If you truly want to grow the size of your arms, you need to pound the triceps.

best weight lifting supplement

Include variation in your training. Low-rep ranges for things like close grip bench presses, and higher rep ranges for isolation exercises. Smaller muscle groups such as biceps and triceps will absolutely respond to lighter weights and higher reps. Often when we use heavier weights we activate other muscle groups to move the weight. Why do you think we can straight bar curls way more weight than preacher curl? It is still a curl? The issue with the straight bar curl is we generate momentum during the bottom initiation of the rep, we first activate our forearms and it truly isn't until almost the halfway point of the curl that the biceps are forced into full activation. Many then use their front delts to compensate for using too much weight. Reduce the weight, and isolate the muscle group in question. Do not allow the elbows to move, affecting the torque point of the exercise. Also, using cables for biceps and triceps is a good idea. Finding a much higher degree of muscle activation when applying torque throughout the entire range of motion. This is not so with free weights.

Another tip is before you perform each curl, initiate or flex the bicep. You will find very quickly how much faster the muscle becomes fatigued. This is a good thing-you are now working the muscle rather than working the exercise. Control the tension on the muscle through the entire range of motion. Pull or push hard on the concentric portion, while under control, then take a controlled negative on the eccentric portion of the rep. Remember, more is not better. Better is better. Crappy reps will give you crappy muscles-Fact!

Also adding a weight lifting supplement to help with building muscles and recovery is a good idea. You will get the most out of yourself using supplements for weight lifting.

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