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Obesity is a blight on health, performance and appearance. The prevalence of obesity has increased from about 13 percent of "normal for age and sex" in 1960 to nearly 36 percent today! That means about one in three Americans are obese! And even more depressing is that 68 percent of adult Americans are overweight. 

Chances are you are carrying more weight than you should. This Total Body Fat-Incinerating Workout can change that. You will cut fat, maintain muscle mass, boost fitness and improve appearance. 

This program combines explosive HIIT and whole body weight training.  Each component of the program is to build muscle, burn fat and improve appearance. This program is hard work but extremely effective. Give it three months and you will be fitter,thinner and more athletic than ever!

Burn Fat with CLENThe following workouts include HIIT two days per week on a stationary bike or elliptical trainer, moderate-intensity aerobics three days per week, and whole body weight training three days per week. The HIIT and whole body workouts should be at maximal intensity. Ideally, do the aerobics workouts outside using a GPS exercise tracking app. These programs are highly motivating and make you feel guilty when you have blank spots on your calendar.


Whole body weight training performed explosively with good form

Kettlebell swings-To begin, stand a foot or so behind the kettlebell, sit back and grasp the handle with both hands. Transfer a large portion of your weight to your heels, while at the same time swinging the kettlebell backwards so that it pendulates fairly close to your groing. Then drive the hips forward and forcibly contract the quads, glutes, pelvic floor and abs. This will promote at rapid acceleration of the kettlebell upwards to shoulder level. Exhale sharply (but not fully) at the top of the swing to accentuate the bracing motions of the major body muscles. Keeping the spine in a neutral position, let the kettlebell accelerate downwards as you flex or bend your hips and knees, and maintain straight arms. Do 4 sets of 20 repts, rest one minute between sets. 

Medicine ball thrusters- Hold a medicine ball in front of your chest. Squat down, keeping your torso uprights. Drive back up through your heels and press the ball directly overhead. Use the momentum from the squat when pushing the ball overhead. Squat down, bring ball back to chest and repeat. Do 4 sets of 20 reps, res one minute between sets.

Kettlebell snatch- Holding the kettlebell in one hand with your palm facing toward you, in a standing position with knees bent, feet placed slightly more than shoulder width apart, hips flexed, back straight, chest out and head in a neutral position. Holding the kettlebell at knee level. Swing the weight to a horizontal position by initiating the motion with the hips, thights and abs.( tighten the quads, glutes and ab muscles as hard as you can) bending your arm as it approaches the chest and continuing the motion until straightening it overhead. The kettlebell should rotate from the front of your hand to the back during the motion. Use an upward punching motion at the top of the movement to prevent injuring your forearm. Let the weight swing back between your legs in a "football hiking motion" and the repeat the exercise. During the movement, hing at the hips, not at the spine. Do 4 sets of 15 reps with each arm, rest one minute between sets.

Core Workout

Curl-ups- Lie on your back on the floor with your hips flexed (bent) and feet placed on the Top Fat Burnersfloor. Place your arm behind your head and contract your abs, raising your torso minaimally during the exercise. Do 2 sets of 20 reps, rest one minute between sets.

Stir the pot exercise,Swiss ball - using medicine ball, place your forearms on a medicine ball and extend your legs to the rear (plank position). While maintaining stiff core muscles, move the ball in small circles with your forearms. 10 circles in each direction, rest one minute between sets. 

Side bridges- Lie on your side and support your body between your forearm and feet for 10 seconds. Do this exercise on your left and right sides and try to hold your spine straight. Avoid letting your sides sage. Increase intensity by moving progressively from a right side plank to front plank, to left side plank while maintaining a neutral spine and stiff core during all movements. 5 sets of 10 second holds on each side, rest one minute between sets.

High to low cable chops4 sets of 10 reps


Outdoor cycling or running, 30-60 minutes. Substitute indoor cycling, elliptical trainer or treadmill walking or running if weather is bad.



HIIT: Stationary bike or elliptical trainer-Warm up at 50% intensity for 3 minutes. Do four to ten sets of 30 seconds of exercise at maximal intensity, resting 2-4 minutes between sets. Cool down after the workout at 30-50% maximum effort for 3-5 minutes. For best effect, fo as hard and as fast as you can during each exercise interval.

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