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HIGH BLOOD VESSEL AGE LINKED TO ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Baseball legend MickeyTestosterone Booster Mantel once said, "if I knew I was going to live this long, I'd taken better care of myself." People living healthy lifestyles can have tissues and organs that are biologically "younger" than those who smoke, eat poor diets and don't exercise. A study developed the concept of vascular age (blood vessel age) based on weight, height, blood pressure, blood fats, smoking history and blood sugar control. Researchers found that men with higher vascular age showed an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Poor sexual health is both a symptom and cause of poor metabolic health triggered by poor diet and lack of physical activity.Using testosterone boosters will help with this issue as well.


STATINS AND SEXUAL PERFORMANCE Statins are drugs that lower cholesterol. Men under 70 with heart disease live longer when they take the drugs. Their effects on sexual performance are less well understood. Lowering cholesterol improves blood vessel health, which is important for promoting strong erections. But over 50 percent of statin users have trouble achieving orgasm. So, statins have positive and negative sexual effects. Statins are also linked to fatigue and muscle weakness, which is not good for sexual performance or for weight training. Statins are probably overprescribed for preventing heart disease in otherwise healthy people.


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