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EXERCISE AND DIET IMPROVE THE METABOLIC SYNDROME The metabolic syndrome (MS) is a group of health conditions including high blood pressure, insulin resistance (high fasting blood sugar, abdominal fat deposition and abnormal blood fats. MS increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer. It affects 34% of the population and the prevalence increase with age. Diet and exercise are the best treatments for the disease. Studies have found that the combination of aerobic interval training and reduced calorie dieting improved body mass index, trunk fat, hemoglobin A1C, LDL cholesterol(bad), maximal oxygen consumption, exercise capacity and number of the MS risk factors. Lifestyle modifications could result in significant improvements.

Legal Steroid SupplementsPRE-WORKOUT CARBS HAVE NO EFFECT ON STRENGTH OR MUSCLE FIBER ACTIVATION Carbs are the principal fuels for muscular exercise above 65% of maximum effort. Studies found glucose ingestion (75 grams of glucose) before a workout did not improve force output during three sets of three reps at maximum effort on an isokinetic dynamometer compared to fake glucose. Also, glucose did not alter muscle fiber activation as measured by electromyograpy. The results were predictable because adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate primarily fuel short bouts of intense activity. A preworkout legal steroid supplement would be perfect instead.

BANDS REDUCE FORCE OUTPUT DURING THE DEADLIFT Large muscle building, multi-joint, free-weight exercises such as the deadlift and bench press provide constant resistance during the exercise, but athletes can exert more force toward the end of range of motion because of an increased mechanical advantage. Many athletes use workout bands or chains to increase resistance at the end of the rang of motion of these lifts. Studies show force and power during the deadlift with and with out bands. Bands increased power and velocity during the lift but decreased force. Bands are appropriate during the deadlift if the goal is to increase power, but free weights without bands would be more appropriate if developing maximum force is the primary goal. Vertical jump and 10- and 30-meter sprint speed are highly related to pulling force, so most power athletes should stick with traditional deadlifts.


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