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CONSUME NATURAL FOOD EVERY THREE HOURS Food consumed every three hours should be natural or organic wholesome food. The body prefers natural food. There is less of an inflammatory response and gut functions at a much higher level when cared for.

HYDRATE PROPERLY Everyday consume at least a gallon of water, sometimes more, to keep muscle cells saturated. The also helps with renal function, keeping organs healthy and even lowers blood pressure. Performance always improves when hydrated and you tend to burn more fat. Nobody enjoys water on its own in quantity, so you may add a calorie free flavor packet to help drink more water.

TAKE LEGAL STEROIDS Using a legal steroid will help build muscle and muscle mass. There are many legal steroids, or steroid alternatives. These work "like" steroids, but are 100% legal. There are many different types, like fat burners, muscle builders, bulking supplements and ones that help with muscle recovery. Doing online research will help you decide which legal steroids are right for you.

MOVE IN THE MORNING Start the day with cardio once you have had breakfast. Cardio assists with efficiency in burning stored fuel (fat). Being leaner improves your insulin sensitivity peaks, making you more anabolic. To further this anabolic cascade, your testosterone to estrogen ratio will improve. Your endurance in the gym will grow, allowing you to train in the gym with greater intensity for longer, which again enables you to grow more muscle.

BEAT YOUR PREVIOUS BEST Training is an evolutionary process. In order to become bigger you must do what you've never done before. Every week your mission in the gym should be to do something you've not done before. Do another rep, do more sets with the same weight, decrease rest time or increase the intensity--or whatever it is, make it bleed!

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