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WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGIES:DIET, EXERCISE OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY? Energy balance--the balance between energy in and energy out--determines weight gain and weight loss. Over time, few people can control body weight through exercise or diet alone. While exercise burns calories, it can also increase appetite in some people. Exercise, however triggers positive metabolic changes that promote long-term weight control--according to a literature review. Many studies have assessed the effects of caloric restriction alone, aerobics or weight training alone, daily physical activity and combinations of diet, exercise and physical activity on weight loss and weight maintenance. The research concluded that the best strategy for long term weight loss and weight maintenance is calorie control, formal aerobics and resistance exercise programs, and a physically active lifestyle (moving instead of sitting during the day). Exercise and a physically active lifestyle are essential because they improve metabolic health.

MEDITERRANEAN DIET AND CARB RESTRICTIONS AT NIGHT TRIGGERS SMALL WEIGHT LOSS! The Mediterranean diet is high in whole grains, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, olive oil, and other mono and polyunsaturated fats. People lost weight, improved blood sugar control and showed improved liver function after consuming a modified Mediterranean diet that included reduced carbohydrate intake at night--according to a six-month study in Italy. They studied more that 153 obese and overweight men and women in their early 50's who were patients at a medical clinic during a 9 year period. They compared people who adhered to the diet with those who didn't The adherence groups made small improvements in weight, waist circumference, blood sugar, insulin and hemoglobin A1c. Neither group restricted calories or participated in organized exercise programs., which explains why the changes were not dramatic. The Mediterranean diet promotes metabolic health, prevents obesity and may increase longevity. Eat more fruits, nuts, vegetables, beans, fish, healthy vegetable oils, and whole grains and eat fewer processed foods.

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