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June 5 2017 2 05 /06 /June /2017 06:52

PHYSICAL FITNESS PROTECT AGAINST THE EFFECTS OF STRESS. There's not enough money left at the end of the month, the kids are fighting, you forgot your spouse's birthday and you hate your boss. Stress, stress, stress! It's enough to make you--well, unhealthy. Stress is linked to increased blood pressure, depressed immunity and an increased risk of heart disease. A study showed people under high stress with higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness had lower blood pressure, body mass index (proportion of weight to height), blood fats and hemoglobin A1c (marker of blood sugar regulation) than people under high or low stress who were less fit. Physical fitness and exercise can protect you when you are under a lot of stress.

TESTOSTERONE IMPORTANT FOR STRONG BONES. Loss of bone mass is called osteoporosis. Bones provide a strong framework that protects vital organs including the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs. Bones act as levers for skeletal muscle and serve as a reservoir of calcium and phosphate. While osteoporosis is most common in women, about 20% of men lose significant bone mass with age. Fractures linked to bone loss in men increase the risk of premature death by 78%. Normal testosterone levels are important for preventing osteoporosis and fractures during aging. Low testosterone affects bone mass directly through the influence of the androgen receptor on the bone metabolism and indirectly by reducing estrogen levels. Testosterone supplements prevent decreased bone mass in men with low testosterone levels.


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