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EXERCISE IS IMPORTANT, BUT KEEP MOVING ALL DAY: Physical activity is movement by muscles, such as standing and walking that require energy, while exercise is planned repetitive movement such as jogging or weight training. Both are important according to a new study. Walking five minutes each hour during an eight hour workday improved employee emotional well being and enhanced the organizational structure in the workplace. While the popularity of the program is predictable, research did not report important data on fitness, metabolic health, absenteeism or health care cost. The study was interesting, but they should have reported data important to most businesses. Exercise is important, but keep moving during the day.

IS TESTOSTERONE THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? Television ads push testosterone supplements for middle aged and older men with "low-T". Low testosterone in aging men is linked to premature death, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, depression, decreased muscle and bone mass, and reduced energy levels. This has triggered an avalanche of testosterone prescriptions. The symptoms linked to low testosterone levels can often be improved through exercise, fat loss, improved diet, reduced stress and more sleep. Adding a testosterone booster as a legal steroid supplement can help boost levels as well.

CHRONIC, INTENSE TRAINING SUPPRESSES SEX DRIVE: Intense and high volume endurance training decreases libido (sex drive) according to a study of nearly 1,400 men. Active men filled out a questionnaire that described the type, intensity and volume of training and sexual performance and desire. Sex drive was lowest in runners compared to cyclists, swimmers and walkers and weight trainers. Low sex drive was also linked to training more than 10 hours per week, 10 or more workouts per week, competing regularly, intense training, running six or more marathons and training consistently for 10 years or more. The study showed that most serious endurance runners experience suppressed libido. 

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