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August 22 2017 3 22 /08 /August /2017 08:57

Drinking Water Before Meals Promotes Weight Loss: An easy way to lose weight is to drink a pint of water before major meals. According to a new study led at Oxford University in the U.K.

Thirty minutes before each major meal, people drank a pint of water (water group) or imagined their stomachs were full (think group). After 12 weeks, the water group lost 5.3 pounds and the think group lost 2.6 pounds. Drinking water before meals is a simple and effective way to lose weight. Weight loss from drinking water before meals three times a day  was similar to that achieved with commercial weight loss programs. 

weight loss supplements

Adding supplements for weight loss will help lose unwanted body fat.  

XenaClen (TM) is a serious weight loss product. Utilizing the latest Breakthrough in Weight Loss Science the Key ingredients in XenaClen (TM) eliminate fat and strip away excess pounds to reveal the lean, hard, razor sharp look athletes have spent years to develop! It uses ingredients like caffeine anhydrous to make sure that you get only the best results.

Who is This Product Ideal for? XenaClen (TM) is ideal for men and women. The formulation is designed to be gender specific. Site specific fat reduction was targeted towards the abdominal region in men, and the thigh and stomach area for women. In clinical studies the first muscle improvement in men was the abdominals, and in woman it was thighs and the tummy area.

Within 30 days, all 100% of participants noticed a drastic improvement in


muscle tone and fat loss in those specific regions. Clinical Studies: In this study, they combine these 3 ingredients. Distinct studies have shown through ultrasounds that this combination creates a mass in the stomach, slowing the gastric emptying process. This keeps you full for longer in 44 tested overweight patients.

In 45 days, consumers lose more weight, providing the ultimate shredding solution losing extreme weight!

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