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Drink a glass of vino when on layoff: Alcohol consumption should definitely be kept to moderation. But researchers give a surprising reason to enjoy a glass of red wine on days you can't get to the gym. The hear-protection antioxidant resveratrol also helps fight muscle loss. This link came to light when scientist studied ways to prevent muscle wasting, bone thinning and insulin resistance experienced by astronauts. If you don't want to imbibe, but can't train for reasons beyond your control, such as injury, options included resveratrol supplements, peanuts, blueberries and red grapes. Resveratrol also helps reduce bodyfat, is a powerful anti-cancer agent, and could help you live longer.


Shine the light on fat loss: A dimly lit room may set the mood for a romantic dinner, but believe it or not, it can also increase fat gain. And it has nothing to do with the food choices you make. Rather, it has to do with how your body handles the food. Researchers from Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) discovered when subjects ate a meal in a dimly lit room, their blood glucose (blood sugar) levels were significantly higher than when they at the same meal in a bright room. This effect appears to be due to melatonin levels, which rise when you sit in a darker environment. When you eat your meals, be sure you're in a bright room to keep blood glucose levels--and therefore fat gain--lower. To keep appetite in check add weight loss pill before eating as well.

2 Months: Is all that men 65-75 require in the gym (three 40 minute strength training workouts per week) to recover two decades of muscle loss. Women in the same age group can recover one decade of muscle loss after two months in the gym. No matter what your age (or that family members you want to encourage to get up and moving) there's hope for a healthier and trimmer physique.

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