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Testosterone therapy has long been a remedy for men who are looking to improve their health and maintain hormonal balance, but testosterone therapy is also possible-and sometimes necessary-for women as well. Here are some reasons why women may need to undergo various forms of testosterone therapy, as well as some questions and concerns you should bring to your doctor when it comes to finding the right type of testosterone therapy for you.
Since the goal of testosterone therapy is to help the body maintain its normal functions, and to restore balance within the body, especially when the body is undergoing significant changes, such as puberty or even menopause. During menopause, women may lose significant amounts of testosterone and estrogen, and this imbalance is part of what causes fatigue, night sweats, or hot flashes. Testosterone therapy can also help women to increase sex drive (libido can be lost during or shortly after menopause). Sometimes, doctors will even use testosterone therapy to treat osteoporosis in women.


On average, about one in seven women undergoes testosterone therapy to increase bone mass, and reported feeling better after the therapy. Since the condition is more common in women, and testosterone naturally increases bone mass, the hormone can help women to increase bone strength, and calcium can be absorbed in the body naturally. Testosterone therapy can also be used to treat women who have had cancer, or are undergoing treatments to remove cancer. This is especially true for women with breast cancer; when tumors are found in the breast, testosterone can help to remove the hormones and cells that are poisonous to the body.

Testosterone therapy may be best for you if you have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, are undergoing cancer treatment, or are experiencing symptoms of menopause. Your doctor will be able to tell you which types of therapy are best for you, and you may have to take small dosages of the hormone for a while so that your doctor can monitor your progress. You can also incorporate things such as a healthy diet or more exercise to increase the effectiveness of testosterone therapy-this way, you will see results quicker and you can continue consulting your doctor for more advanced treatment options.

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